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Packages that use Message

Uses of Message in vanetsim.scenario

Methods in vanetsim.scenario that return Message
 Message[] KnownMessages.getForwardMessages()
          Gets all messages which shall be forwarded.

Methods in vanetsim.scenario with parameters of type Message
 void KnownMessages.addMessage(Message message, boolean doExecute, boolean doForward)
          Adds a message.
 void Vehicle.receiveMessage(int sourceX, int sourceY, Message message)
          Receive a message from another vehicle.
 void RSU.receiveMessage(int sourceX, int sourceY, Message message)
          Receive a message from a vehicle.

Uses of Message in vanetsim.scenario.messages

Subclasses of Message in vanetsim.scenario.messages
 class PenaltyMessage
          A message which indicates some kind of traffic jam through assigning a penalty to the street on which the jam is.