Package vanetsim.scenario

Class Summary
AttackRSU A Road-Side-Unit to intercept WiFi signals.
KnownMessages This class stores various messages in multiple separate arrays: messages which were received but not yet processed messages to be executed messages that need to be forwarded old messages to prevent problems in broadcast mode The arrays are not resized on every operation.
KnownPenalties Stores all known penalties for streets.
KnownRSU A known RSU (discovered by receiving a beacon).
KnownRSUsList A list of all known Road-Side-Units which was discovered through beacons.
KnownVehicle A known vehicle (discovered by receiving a beacon).
KnownVehiclesList A list of all known vehicles which was discovered through beacons.
LaneContainer A LaneContainer contains all LaneObjects in one direction of a street.
LaneObject This class represents an object which is on a lane of a street.
RSU A Road-Side-Unit to send and receive WiFi signals.
Scenario A scenario saves the vehicles and events.
Vehicle A vehicle which can move and communicate (if wifi is enabled).