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 LaneObject Street.getFirstLaneObject(boolean direction)
          Gets the first lane object.
 LaneObject Street.getLastLaneObject(boolean direction)
          Gets the last lane object.

Methods in with parameters of type LaneObject
 void Street.addLaneObject(LaneObject object, boolean direction)
          Adds a lane object.
 void Street.delLaneObject(LaneObject object, boolean direction)
          Removes a lane object.
 void Street.updateLaneObject(LaneObject object, boolean direction, double newPosition)
          Updates a lane object.

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Subclasses of LaneObject in vanetsim.scenario
 class Vehicle
          A vehicle which can move and communicate (if wifi is enabled).

Methods in vanetsim.scenario that return LaneObject
 LaneObject LaneContainer.getHead()
          Gets the head.
 LaneObject LaneObject.getNext()
          Returns the LaneObject after this one.
 LaneObject LaneObject.getPrevious()
          Returns the LaneObject before this one.
 LaneObject LaneContainer.getTail()
          Gets the tail.

Methods in vanetsim.scenario with parameters of type LaneObject
 void LaneContainer.addSorted(LaneObject object)
          Add an element so that it's correctly ordered inside the lane container.
 void LaneContainer.remove(LaneObject object)
          Removes an object.
 void LaneObject.setNext(LaneObject next)
          Sets the LaneObject after this one.
 void LaneObject.setPrevious(LaneObject previous)
          Sets the LaneObject before this one.
 void LaneContainer.updatePosition(LaneObject object, double newPosition)
          Updates position of a LaneObject and changes the order in this LaneContainer to guarantee a consistent state.

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 class BlockingObject