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Packages that use WayPoint

Uses of WayPoint in vanetsim.scenario

Fields in vanetsim.scenario with type parameters of type WayPoint
 ArrayDeque<WayPoint> Vehicle.originalDestinations_
          The destinations this vehicle wants to visit.

Methods in vanetsim.scenario that return WayPoint
 WayPoint Vehicle.getStartPoint()
          Gets the starting point of the vehicle.

Methods in vanetsim.scenario that return types with arguments of type WayPoint
 ArrayDeque<WayPoint> Vehicle.getDestinations()
          Gets the destinations of this vehicle.

Constructor parameters in vanetsim.scenario with type arguments of type WayPoint
Vehicle(ArrayDeque<WayPoint> destinations, int vehicleLength, int maxSpeed, int maxCommDist, boolean wiFiEnabled, boolean emergencyVehicle, int brakingRate, int accelerationRate, int timeDistance, int politeness, java.awt.Color color)
          Instantiates a new vehicle.