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Packages that use A_Star_Node

Uses of A_Star_Node in vanetsim.routing.A_Star

Methods in vanetsim.routing.A_Star that return A_Star_Node
 A_Star_Node A_Star_LookupTable.get(Node key)
          Returns the value to which the specified node is mapped, or null if this map contains no mapping for the key.
 A_Star_Node A_Star_Node.getPredecessor()
          Gets the predecessor of this node.
 A_Star_Node A_Star_Queue.poll()
          Polls (get and remove) the first element.

Methods in vanetsim.routing.A_Star that return types with arguments of type A_Star_Node
static A_Star_LookupTable<Node,A_Star_Node> A_Star_LookupTableFactory.getTable(int[] counter)
          Gets a LookupTable.

Methods in vanetsim.routing.A_Star with parameters of type A_Star_Node
 void A_Star_Queue.add(A_Star_Node node)
          Inserts the specified element into this priority queue.
 void A_Star_LookupTable.put(Node key, A_Star_Node value)
          Associates the specified value with the specified key in this map.
 void A_Star_Queue.remove(A_Star_Node node)
          Removes a node from this queue.
 void A_Star_Node.setPredecessor(A_Star_Node predecessor)
          Sets the predecessor of this node.
 void A_Star_Queue.signalDecreasedF(A_Star_Node node)
          Call this function after you have set a node to a smaller f-value.

Method parameters in vanetsim.routing.A_Star with type arguments of type A_Star_Node
static void A_Star_LookupTableFactory.putTable(int counter, A_Star_LookupTable<Node,A_Star_Node> table)
          Put back a LookupTable so that it can be reused.