Class A_Star_LookupTableFactory

  extended by vanetsim.routing.A_Star.A_Star_LookupTableFactory

public final class A_Star_LookupTableFactory
extends java.lang.Object

A factory for creating LookupTables (mapping between Nodes and A_Star_Nodes)for the A* algorithm. It's extremely efficient to recycle old LookupTables, because the A* algorithm creates lots of new A_Star_Nodes which is relatively costly because of the huge amount of objects and necessary garbage collection. This factory takes correctly care of multithreading so you may concurrently calculate routes. However, this may take some memory as every concurrent LookupTable is completely independent and will be stored for the whole program life!

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void clear()
          Clear the cached versions.
static A_Star_LookupTable<Node,A_Star_Node> getTable(int[] counter)
          Gets a LookupTable.
static void putTable(int counter, A_Star_LookupTable<Node,A_Star_Node> table)
          Put back a LookupTable so that it can be reused.
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Constructor Detail


public A_Star_LookupTableFactory()
Method Detail


public static A_Star_LookupTable<Node,A_Star_Node> getTable(int[] counter)
Gets a LookupTable. Don't forget to put the LookupTable back if you don't need it anymore!

counter - an array used to return a new counter value in counter[0]
the LookupTable


public static void putTable(int counter,
                            A_Star_LookupTable<Node,A_Star_Node> table)
Put back a LookupTable so that it can be reused.

counter - the counter value
table - the LookupTable


public static void clear()
Clear the cached versions. This should be done on map reload to free otherwise unnecessarily wasted memory.