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Uses of RSU in vanetsim.gui.controlpanels

Methods in vanetsim.gui.controlpanels with parameters of type RSU
 void ReportingControlPanel.addBeacon(RSU rsu, long ID, long x, long y, boolean isEncrypted)
          Receive a beacon from a RSU in the monitored zone.

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Methods in that return RSU
 RSU Node.getEncryptedRSU_()
 RSU[] Region.getRSUs()
          Returns all Road-Side-Units in this region.

Methods in with parameters of type RSU
 void Region.addRSU(RSU rsu)
          Function to add a Road-Side-Units to this region.
 void Map.addRSU(RSU rsu)
          Add a new Road-Side-Unit to the correct region.
 void Region.delRSU(RSU rsu)
          Delete a Road-Side-Unit.
 void Node.setEncryptedRSU_(RSU encryptedRSU_)

Uses of RSU in vanetsim.scenario

Fields in vanetsim.scenario declared as RSU
static RSU RSU.lastSender

Methods in vanetsim.scenario that return RSU
 RSU KnownRSUsList.findNearestRSU(int rsuX, int rsuY, int destX, int destY, int maxDistance)
          Finds the nearest known RSU to a destination.
 RSU KnownRSU.getRSU()
          Gets the RSU.

Methods in vanetsim.scenario with parameters of type RSU
 void KnownRSUsList.updateRSU(RSU rsu, long ID, int x, int y, boolean isEncrypted)
          Update a RSU or add it if it doesn't exist yet.

Constructors in vanetsim.scenario with parameters of type RSU
KnownRSU(RSU rsu, long ID, int x, int y, boolean isEncrypted, int time)
          Instantiates a new known RSU