Package vanetsim.gui.helpers

Class Summary
AttackLogWriter Helper Class for error logging.
EventJListRenderer This class implements an own ListCellRenderer in order to display the list of events appropriately.
MouseClickManager A class to correctly handle mouseclicks and drags on the DrawingArea.
PrivacyLogWriter Helper Class for error logging.
ProgressOverlay A ProgressBar overlay in an undecorated JDialog.
ReRenderManager A small manager to get better user experience through buffering ReRender-calls.
StreetsJColorChooserPanel This class extends the standard JColorChooser with predefined colors which are also used in imports from OpenStreetMap.
TextAreaLabel A class which uses a JTextArea to imitate a JLabel with automatic linewrap.
VehicleTypeXML This class provides functions to read (getVehicleTypes()) and save (saveVehiclesTypes()) in xml