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Uses of Curve in sun.awt.geom

Methods in sun.awt.geom that return Curve
abstract  Curve Curve.getReversedCurve()
 Curve Curve.getSubCurve(double ystart, double yend)
abstract  Curve Curve.getSubCurve(double ystart, double yend, int dir)
 Curve Curve.getWithDirection(int direction)

Methods in sun.awt.geom with parameters of type Curve
 int Curve.compareTo(Curve that, double[] yrange)
 boolean Curve.findIntersect(Curve that, double[] yrange, double ymin, int slevel, int tlevel, double s0, double xs0, double ys0, double s1, double xs1, double ys1, double t0, double xt0, double yt0, double t1, double xt1, double yt1)