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Methods in that return XMLEvent
 XMLEvent XMLEventReader.nextEvent()
          Get the next XMLEvent
 XMLEvent XMLEventReader.nextTag()
          Skips any insignificant space events until a START_ELEMENT or END_ELEMENT is reached.
 XMLEvent XMLEventReader.peek()
          Check the next XMLEvent without reading it from the stream.

Methods in with parameters of type XMLEvent
 boolean EventFilter.accept(XMLEvent event)
          Tests whether this event is part of this stream.
 void XMLEventWriter.add(XMLEvent event)
          Add an event to the output stream Adding a START_ELEMENT will open a new namespace scope that will be closed when the corresponding END_ELEMENT is written.

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Subinterfaces of XMLEvent in
 interface Attribute
          An interface that contains information about an attribute.
 interface Characters
          This describes the interface to Characters events.
 interface Comment
          An interface for comment events
 interface DTD
 interface EndDocument
          A marker interface for the end of the document
 interface EndElement
 interface EntityDeclaration
          An interface for handling Entity Declarations This interface is used to record and report unparsed entity declarations.
 interface EntityReference
          An interface for handling Entity events.
 interface Namespace
          An interface that contains information about a namespace.
 interface NotationDeclaration
          An interface for handling Notation Declarations Receive notification of a notation declaration event.
 interface ProcessingInstruction
          An interface that describes the data found in processing instructions
 interface StartDocument
          An interface for the start document event
 interface StartElement

Uses of XMLEvent in

Methods in that return XMLEvent
 XMLEvent XMLEventAllocator.allocate(XMLStreamReader reader)
          This method allocates an event given the current state of the XMLStreamReader.
 XMLEvent EventReaderDelegate.nextEvent()
 XMLEvent EventReaderDelegate.nextTag()
 XMLEvent EventReaderDelegate.peek()

Methods in with parameters of type XMLEvent
 void XMLEventConsumer.add(XMLEvent event)
          This method adds an event to the consumer.