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Public Member Functions

 BlockingObject (int lane, boolean direction, Street street, double position)
void removeFromLane ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vanetsim.scenario.LaneObject
int getX ()
int getY ()
int getCurSpeed ()
double getCurPosition ()
int getCurLane ()
Street getCurStreet ()
boolean getCurDirection ()
LaneObject getNext ()
LaneObject getPrevious ()
void setNext (LaneObject next)
void setPrevious (LaneObject previous)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from vanetsim.scenario.LaneObject
void calculatePosition ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from vanetsim.scenario.LaneObject
LaneObject previous_
LaneObject next_
int curX_
int curY_
double curSpeed_ = 0.0
double curPosition_
int curLane_ = 1
Street curStreet_
boolean curDirection_ = true

Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( int  lane,
boolean  direction,
Street  street,
double  position 

Instantiates a new blocking object.

lanethe lane number (1..n)
directionthe direction
streetthe street
positionthe position on the street

Member Function Documentation

void ( )

Remove this BlockingObject from it's current lane.

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