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vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 LaneContainer (boolean direction)
synchronized void addSorted (LaneObject object)
synchronized void updatePosition (LaneObject object, double newPosition)
synchronized void remove (LaneObject object)
LaneObject getHead ()
LaneObject getTail ()
int size ()
void clear ()

Protected Attributes

final boolean direction_
LaneObject head_
LaneObject tail_
int size_ = 0

Detailed Description

A LaneContainer contains all LaneObjects in one direction of a street. The objects may be on different lanes. but they must all be in the same direction!
It's basically a kind of a queue implemented as a LinkedList. The references to the previous and next elements are stored in the LaneObjects which makes the implementation quite efficient as no search is necessary for removal. Thus, it always takes O(1) to remove an object. Adding is O(n) in worst case but in most cases, insertion is made in O(1) as the object is added at the head. In order to update positions (for example when an overhaul occurs) you don't need to remove and re-add (which could be quite costly) but rather just call updatePosition(). Checking for the next or previous LaneObject is O(1) and no lookup is necessary (directly stored within the object).
Insertion, removal and update is synchronized. As iterating through the objects needs to be done externally (by calling getNext() or getPrevious()), it is not synchronized!

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.LaneContainer ( boolean  direction)

Instantiates a new lane container.

directiontrue if this lane is from startNode to endNode of the street, else false

Member Function Documentation

synchronized void vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.addSorted ( LaneObject  object)

Add an element so that it's correctly ordered inside the lane container.

objectthe object to add
void vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.clear ( )

Removes all elements from this container.

LaneObject vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.getHead ( )

Gets the head.

the first object
LaneObject vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.getTail ( )

Gets the tail.

the last object
synchronized void vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.remove ( LaneObject  object)

Removes an object. You must make sure that the object is really in this lane container. Otherwise this function might do very bad things (the size variable is decreased)!

objectthe object to remove
int vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.size ( )

Gets the current amount of objects on this lane container.

the size
synchronized void vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.updatePosition ( LaneObject  object,
double  newPosition 

Updates position of a LaneObject and changes the order in this LaneContainer to guarantee a consistent state.

objectthe object to check
newPositionthe new position of the object

Member Data Documentation

final boolean vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.direction_

The direction of this container.
true = going from startNode to endNode
false = going from endNode to startNode

LaneObject vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.head_

The head of the lane container.

int vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.size_ = 0

The number of elements in this lane container.

LaneObject vanetsim.scenario.LaneContainer.tail_

The tail of the lane container.

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