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vanetsim.gui.helpers.ReRenderManager Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for vanetsim.gui.helpers.ReRenderManager:

Public Member Functions

void doReRender ()
void run ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ReRenderManager getInstance ()

Detailed Description

A small manager to get better user experience through buffering ReRender-calls. By using this, the GUI gets (almost) immediately responsive again upon clicking a button. If rendering the background takes longer than the time between multiple button clicks (made by the user), some ReRender-events are kind of silently dropped.

Member Function Documentation

void vanetsim.gui.helpers.ReRenderManager.doReRender ( )

Schedule a re-render-Operation.

static ReRenderManager vanetsim.gui.helpers.ReRenderManager.getInstance ( )

Gets the single instance of this manager.

single instance of this manager
void ( )

A thread which checks if a re-rendering is scheduled and then sleeps 50ms. If necessary, it calls the Renderer to perform a full re-render.

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