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vanetsim.gui.helpers.MouseClickManager Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for vanetsim.gui.helpers.MouseClickManager:

Public Member Functions

void setActive (boolean active)
void setDrawArea (DrawingArea drawArea)
synchronized void signalPressed (int x, int y)
synchronized void signalReleased (int x, int y)
void cleanMarkings ()
void run ()

Static Public Member Functions

static MouseClickManager getInstance ()

Public Attributes

boolean active_ = false

Detailed Description

A class to correctly handle mouseclicks and drags on the DrawingArea. Furthermore, this class also handles the display in the information text area.

Member Function Documentation

void vanetsim.gui.helpers.MouseClickManager.cleanMarkings ( )

Cleans markings so that objects can be deleted through garbage collector.

static MouseClickManager vanetsim.gui.helpers.MouseClickManager.getInstance ( )

Gets the single instance of this manager.

single instance of this manager
void ( )

The thread which handles mouse drags and information display.

See Also
void vanetsim.gui.helpers.MouseClickManager.setActive ( boolean  active)

Sets the value for the isActive variable.

activetrue to signal this thread that the DrawingArea has been entered,false to signal that the area was left
void vanetsim.gui.helpers.MouseClickManager.setDrawArea ( DrawingArea  drawArea)

Sets the vanetsim.gui.DrawingArea this MouseClickManager is associated with.

drawAreathe area on which this MouseClickManager operates
synchronized void vanetsim.gui.helpers.MouseClickManager.signalPressed ( int  x,
int  y 

Signals this manager that the mouse was pressed. If the edit mode is currently active, the click is forwarded to the edit panel.

xthe x coordinate where mouse was pressed
ythe y coordinate where mouse was pressed
synchronized void vanetsim.gui.helpers.MouseClickManager.signalReleased ( int  x,
int  y 

Signals this manager that the mouse was released (used for dragging).

xthe x coordinate where mouse was released
ythe y coordinate where mouse was released

Member Data Documentation

boolean vanetsim.gui.helpers.MouseClickManager.active_ = false

true if this manager currently is active,false if it's inactive.

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