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vanetsim.gui.helpers.LogOperations Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 LogOperations (LogAnalyser logAnalyser)
void run ()
void standardAttackMixZones ()
void advancedAttackMixZones ()
void standardAttackSilentPeriod ()
void advancedAttackSilentPeriod ()
int getNodeRadius (String nodeID, String header)
float[] getKAnonymityInMix (String theNodeID, String log)
String readFile (String filePath)
String[] readFileAndHeader (String filePath)
String readFileWithoutHeader (String filePath)
Object[] getDataOfMixZoneLog (String[] file, String mixNodeID, int totalNumberOfAnalysedZones)
String getOperation ()
void setOperation (String operation)
void writeLocationInformationToFile (String header, boolean append)

Member Function Documentation

void vanetsim.gui.helpers.LogOperations.advancedAttackMixZones ( )

Advanced attack for mix-zones

void vanetsim.gui.helpers.LogOperations.advancedAttackSilentPeriod ( )

advanced attack for silent periods

Object [] vanetsim.gui.helpers.LogOperations.getDataOfMixZoneLog ( String[]  file,
String  mixNodeID,
int  totalNumberOfAnalysedZones 

Analyze traffic data to get information for an attack (for a mix node

float [] vanetsim.gui.helpers.LogOperations.getKAnonymityInMix ( String  theNodeID,
String  log 

return k-anonymity of a mix log (for a chosen node id)

int vanetsim.gui.helpers.LogOperations.getNodeRadius ( String  nodeID,
String  header 

return the radius of a node written in the header of a log file

String vanetsim.gui.helpers.LogOperations.readFile ( String  filePath)

Method to read a file

String [] vanetsim.gui.helpers.LogOperations.readFileAndHeader ( String  filePath)

Method to read a file. Reads a file and returns the header and the content split in an String array

String vanetsim.gui.helpers.LogOperations.readFileWithoutHeader ( String  filePath)

Method to read a file without the header of the log

void vanetsim.gui.helpers.LogOperations.standardAttackMixZones ( )

Standard attack for mix-zones

void vanetsim.gui.helpers.LogOperations.writeLocationInformationToFile ( String  header,
boolean  append 

Writes advanced analyzed information to a file

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