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vanetsim.gui.controlpanels.SilentPeriodPanel Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for vanetsim.gui.controlpanels.SilentPeriodPanel:

Public Member Functions

 SilentPeriodPanel ()
void saveAttributes ()
void loadAttributes ()
void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
JCheckBox getEnableSilentPeriods_ ()
JFormattedTextField getSilentPeriodDuration_ ()
JFormattedTextField getSilentPeriodFrequency_ ()
void focusGained (FocusEvent arg0)
void focusLost (FocusEvent arg0)

Detailed Description

This class represents the control panel for adding mix zones.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vanetsim.gui.controlpanels.SilentPeriodPanel.SilentPeriodPanel ( )

Constructor, creating GUI items.

Member Function Documentation

void vanetsim.gui.controlpanels.SilentPeriodPanel.actionPerformed ( ActionEvent  e)

An implemented ActionListener which performs all needed actions when a JCheckBox or JButton is clicked.

ean ActionEvent

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