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vanetsim.gui.controlpanels.EditStreetControlPanel Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for vanetsim.gui.controlpanels.EditStreetControlPanel:

Public Member Functions

 EditStreetControlPanel ()
void receiveMouseEvent (int x, int y)
void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)

Detailed Description

This class represents the control panel for adding, deleting and editing streets. All elements are created here and the actions are performed from here.

All control elements exist twice - once for editing ("edit" prefix) and once for creating a new street ("new" prefix).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vanetsim.gui.controlpanels.EditStreetControlPanel.EditStreetControlPanel ( )


Member Function Documentation

void vanetsim.gui.controlpanels.EditStreetControlPanel.actionPerformed ( ActionEvent  e)

An implemented ActionListener which performs all needed actions when a JButton is clicked.

ean ActionEvent
void vanetsim.gui.controlpanels.EditStreetControlPanel.receiveMouseEvent ( int  x,
int  y 

Receives a mouse event.

xthe x coordinate (in map scale)
ythe y coordinate (in map scale)

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